Learn, take actions, and see the impacts.

Emooter is a tool for measuring and improving engagement, satisfaction and well-being at work.

Do you lead a team, a company, or your own work?

We take care of surveying, analyzing, and reporting so that you can concentrate on the improvements and impact assessment.
Put Emooter to work to get ahead!

Well-being at work is everybody’s business

We created Emooter to empower individuals, teams, and companies. We want to help them lead themselves towards the best possible well-being, productivity, fulfillment, and engagement at work.

This is why we offer employees an easy-to-use, evidence-based way to track how they are doing at work. In addition, we want to offer them resources to learn and lead their own well-being. With Emooter they get instant personal feedback every week.

For leading and developing the team or company, we produce invaluable reports and analyses in real time using anonymized survey data. These analyses are transparently available for every participant. Every Emooter user has the opportunity to participate in developing their own work and to track their well-being at work.

Leave unreliable surveys behind. Measure engagement with an instrument you can trust.

Developing healthy and positively engaging workplaces proactively requires up-to-date information that can be trusted. We strive to make Emooter the most helpful, insightful, and accessible tool for providing that information.

This is why Emooter is based on a Work Engagement scale that has been thoroughly studied and scientifically verified across multiple countries and languages. It measures something that really matters. People and teams that enjoy good engagement at work are more likely to function and perform well and less likely to burn out.

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