Emooter is an app that helps you and your team improve mental wellbeing at work.

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Find out your state of wellbeing in minutes

Emooter interviews you and your team with 
a couple of meaningful questions each week. You get instant feedback on your mental wellbeing.


Get tailored suggestions for improving wellbeing

Emooter gives you personalized suggestions and ideas based on your answers. Learn to craft your job and improve wellbeing in a sustainable way.

Keep track of wellbeing together with your team

Emooter makes changes to wellbeing visible throughout the year. You can prevent problems and boost positive changes together with your team.


Made to help you improve and sustain your mental well-being, based on science

Personal well-being feedback

Find out how you and your team are doing and how changes affect you.

Your personal guide

Get relevant and simple, science-based suggestions to boost and sustain your well-being at work.

Let's put people first

The change starts with you

Emooter is not another top-down HR survey. We offer tools that empower every working person to lead well-being.

Every team member can make a difference

People should be able to take charge of their collective well-being. This is why in Emooter every member of the organization sees anonymized team and company analysis by default.

Why should you care?

Work is in constant change. It has become more intense and mentally more demanding. This has led to a rapid increase in work-related exhaustion, burnout and other health issues. People are more reliant on self-managing their well-being at work to stay healthy and positively engaged. Finding the balance at work can mean all the difference.

Emooter is here to help.

We value your privacy

Your personal data is for your eyes only. No one can access it without your permission. You have the right to opt out any time and have your personal data erased if you wish to stop using Emooter.

We build trust with transparency

Every Emooter user gets to see how their anonymized data is being used for team and company reports. And because Emooter is powered by well-documented and peer-reviewed scientific research and data, anyone can assess our methods and their validity.

Emooter is a science and data driven well-being leadership tool for healthier, more engaging, and more meaningful future of work


Based on modern occupational and positive psychology. Utilizing peer-reviewed research on Work Engagement, the Job Demands and Resources model and Job Crafting for everyday work and life.

Reliable tracking

Continuous tracking of well-being with the reliable Work Engagement measure validated across multiple countries and languages.

Instant personal feedback

Transparent, accessible and instant well-being feedback on a personal and team level supports autonomy and self-management.

Adaptive and personalized user experience

Concrete and relevant suggestions help to make work more enjoyable and meaningful and enhance mental well-being, social relationships and life satisfaction.

Always there for you

Easy to adapt to and delightful to use. Works on mobile and desktop devices — accessible anytime, anywhere.

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