Balance & Tune

Check out this offer if you need help in finding balance at work, recovering from stress, or identifying and managing the sources of stress for your team or employees.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the mental wellbeing of employees around the world. Fortunately, it is possible to recover from these effects as it is from any other stressful situations or demanding situations. Hence, this is the time when we should be supporting recovery within work communities and find a way to avoid exhaustion, prolonged sick leaves and burnout.

By taking special care of wellbeing right now you will have more energy left when it is time to bounce back from the pandemic!

But do you know which factors in your team's work weaken or protect their wellbeing? The effects are not same for everyone, and neither are the means to fix or manage the issues.

👇 Read more to find out what Emooter's campaign has to offer for your team.

1. Let's start by identifying which factors cause the most stress for your team

  • Complete survey, analysis, and expert recommendations within a coupel of weeks. Our wellbeing at work expert will walk you throught the analysis and recommendations.
  • Important factors covered: psychosocial factors of stress, anxiety, work engagement, resilience, satisfaction. Ask our experts if you have other needs!
  • The survey is quick and easy to complete. Emooter's surveying app is deligtful and pleasing to use.
  • Participation level has been excellent (between 80–100% of employees), so the results can be trusted.

2. Let's increase every team members' awareness about wellbeing

  • Every participants gets personal feedback and ideas for improving their wellbeing through Emooter's app.
  • As awareness about wellbeing grows within your work community, every one can better lead their own recovery and wellbeing.
  • You can continue using Emooter's app after the survey if you wish to do so. It enables you to continue monitoring wellbeing factors and the impact of your leadership efforts. Every one can keep track of and understand what affects their wellbeing and continue getting recommendations and ideas for improving ther own wellbeing.

3. Let's focus on resolving the top challenges and barriers of recovery

  • The survey analysis will reveal the top factors affecting your team's wellbeing and stress levels.
  • By focusing on the most important challenges you can have a better chance of improving recovery and strenghtening the wellbeing of every team member individually and the team as a whole.
  • Empower yourself and the team to take preventive and proactive actions, improve together, and take significant steps towareds recovery and thriving.

Reserve a survey for your team

Campaing offer 1799 € (max 50 persons surveyed). Your reservation for this service will be confirmed via email or phone. Lighter surveys also available for smaller teams.

Campaing ends on July 24th. Limited number of surveys available, so reserve yours now!

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