Getting started with Emooter is made as easy as possible

You just have to sign up and invite users. We take care of everything else.

Sign up

First, sign up for an Emooter account for your team or company.

If you do not have a company account yet, you can start with a free trial today. The free trial includes a full survey and report for the first month, so that you can see how valuable Emooter can be for your company.

Invite par­tici­pants

Next, send invites to participants with Emooter’s email invitation tool.

Sign in and navigate to the Account section to find the invitation tool. Invite participants either one by one or more as a batch. You can add participants at any time.

To get accurate reports and the most out of your free trial, consider inviting as many users as possible. However, to preserve the anonymity of the respondents, we require a minimum of five users.

Emooter sends the invites on behalf of you via email. Users accept the invitations and verify themselves by clicking a button or a link in the invite.

If your users do not receive the invites in a matter of minutes, kindly have them check their spam folders and add as a trusted email sender in your spam filters. Contact us, if you continue to have trouble getting the invitations through.

Auto­mated sur­veying

You’re all done! Let Emooter do its magic.

After inviting the participants, Emooter will automatically start surveying, collecting the answers, analyzing them and producing reports from the data.

First, Emooter will send a full survey to every participant to measure the starting point or “baseline”. After that, Emooter continues with brief weekly surveys that usually take only a couple of minutes per respondent to answer.

Baseline report

Enjoy your first monthly report on Work Engagement, Job Satisfaction, and Employee Promoter Index.

If your response rates are excellent, the first full report may be ready at the end of the month. At the latest, the report is ready for you after the first full month of surveying.

Snapshot reports are available even before the first monthly report is produced for you. They are updated in real-time as data from the weekly surveys come in.

Con­tinuous service

Subscribe to get engagement and well-being information every week, month and quarter of the year.

Emooter provides real-time snapshot reports as well as full monthly and quarterly reports. The monthly reports include trend and insight analysis and can be exported from Emooter as data or ready-made offline reports. Furthermore, every participant can access their personal reports any time.

Get started with a free trial

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