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Emooter implements state of the art mental wellbeing indicator for Digia's project

The purpose of Digia’s AI_LeadWell project was to find new solutions for improving wellbeing at work in the knowledge-intensive industries. Emooter implemented a reliable and delightful way to measure and track the wellbeing of their employees on a weekly basis. Emooter also provided an effective solution for reporting and analyzing Emooter’s mental wellbeing data along with other data sources related to wellbeing and team operations.

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Emooter helps Kumppania's employees track and improve their wellbeing at work

Communications Agency Kumppania has been using Emooter since the early Autumn of 2019 when Emooter was officially launched. Kumppania is one of the first customers of Emooter. We had a discussion how Emooter has helped Kumppania's employees, how they are using Emooter and what are the benefits of using Emooter.

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