Emooter implements state of the art mental wellbeing indicator for Digia's project

Digia Oyj

Digia Oyj is a Finnish software and ICT service company listed on Nasdaq Helsinki (DIGIA) with over 1200 employees and net sales of EUR 131.8 million (2019). Digia focuses on helping their customers renew themselves in the networked world by implementing platform solutions, helping their customers harness data, and designing digital customer experiences.

The purpose of Digia’s AI_LeadWell project was to find new solutions for improving wellbeing at work in the knowledge-intensive industries. Emooter implemented a reliable and delightful way to measure and track the wellbeing of their employees on a weekly basis. Emooter also provided an effective solution for reporting and analyzing Emooter’s mental wellbeing data along with other data sources related to wellbeing and team operations.

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Digia’s data analytics team ran a pilot program with the goal of finding new digital solutions for tracking and developing wellbeing at work and to build a network of partners around the subject.

Emooter provided for the project their expertise in wellbeing at work, employee work engagement, reliable mental wellbeing measurement, and analysing the results. Emooter’s state of the art wellbeing app was also used which introduced the possibility of adding customized measures alongside the scientifically validated work engagement measure. 

How Emooter’s app works and how easy it is to use quickly convinced us. This solution fits any organization that wants to put more emphasis in everyday work on employee work engagement and the factors behind self-management

– Päivi Karesjoki, Director Analytics, Digia.

Emooter’s services were utilized in the project alongside with the services of Digia’s occupational healthcare provider Heltti. “Partnering with Emooter felt natural because we share common interests and collaborating with them was so easy from the beginning”, describes Minna Häkämies, Business Consultant & Team Lead Analytics, Digia.

Emooter was able to offer development services with the speed and agility needed in the project to meet the strict deadlines. In the project, Emooter gave support for data integration, implemented additional survey questions into the app for measuring employee experience, and offered their expertise and domain knowledge for analysing and interpreting the gathered mental wellbeing data. “The mobile experience offered by Emooter’s app was extremely easy to use, integrating the data was made straight forward, and we were also offered the possibility to include custom questionnaires that fulfilled the needs of our project”, Häkämies continues.

How is the team doing this week? Self-management and the diverse nature of consulting work creates challenges for taking care of wellbeing at work

Over 60 specialists and data-analytics experts work in Digia’s analytics unit. Their daily work involves the various themes of knowledge-based management and leadership including data architecture, modeling, storage, integration, processing, and ultimately representing the data e.g., with data visualizations.

These specialists work in various consultancy projects closely with their own team members, customer representatives, and affiliates. A high level of self-management is required from the consultants, their work is diverse and varying, and they have to be able to quickly react to changes.

Their work is often diverse. They might be working physically from multiple locations even during a single day. Some of the work is done in the customer’s premises, some at their own office, the rest remotely.

It is highly important for the organization to take care of the wellbeing of the employees who face such diverse work environments. Digia’s analytics team started looking for solutions to support this from accumulating, integrating, and analysing wellness and wellbeing data. The team hoped to get continuous real-time information over days and weeks on their wellbeing, their mood, and employee experience. Traditional wellbeing survey solutions would not cut it. This is where Emooter’s solution proved to be the perfect fit.

The needs of the work community drove the pilot program forward while partners gave a boost in speed

It is certain that many organizations and many industries have similar needs for developing wellbeing at work today that Digia had. Digia’s team had a goal to solve their own challenges of tracking and leading wellbeing, and start building a new kind of an ecosystem around wellbeing and health in the spirit of co-creation. The pilot program offered a great way to start developing data-driven wellbeing solutions together with potential partners.

Digia chose Emooter as a key partner in the pilot program because Emooter offered means to track the state of mental wellbeing on a weekly basis. This was done by utilizing Emooter’s reliable measures that are all based on scientific, peer-reviewed, work and occupational psychology research.

Emooter’s expertise and knowledge about the phenomena related to wellbeing at work, employee surveys, people metrics, and measuring and analyzing subjective mental wellbeing was also put widely into use during the project.

The pilot program was also supported by Digia’s analytics team’s occupational healthcare provider Heltti. Emooter arranged practical workshops together with Heltti to improve Digia’s team’s mental wellbeing.

The team acted in the pilot phase also as the pilot users. Their experience of the project was very positive and they found new kinds of ways to, e.g., find more meaning in their everyday work already during the project.

A wellbeing analytics solution that proved to be a meaningful undertaking for the team

Digia’s analytics team was very satisfied with both the project and the effort Emooter put into it. The team praised Emooter’s solutions especially for the excellent usability and the mobile experience. They were also pleased with the opportunity to customize their questionnaires. The Digia team appreciated how effortless it was to collaborate with Emooter’s team and how actively Emooter’s team participated in the project.

“People who participated in this project were immediately impressed by how easy Emooter’s app was to use. Ultimately you should test all products with the intended users, and it worked perfectly”, Häkämies thanks.

Emooter was received very positively by the team members. In addition to giving praise to the usability of the app, the team were impressed by how Emooter supports a wide range of devices, and how well the online service is designed as a whole. They felt that the straight forward questionnaires and the rhythm of the pulse surveying were spot on.

The project team learned a lot about the phenomena related to wellbeing at work. They feel now that employee work engagement is essential when you want to wholly understand wellbeing. “Employee work engagement has proved to be a much broader theme than what we initially thought”, Häkämies notes. Emooter’s app itself helps to keep the theme of work engagement more clear in your mind as it reminds the users of it weekly.

According to the views of Digia’s analytics team, you get the full benefit of using Emooter when you actively discuss with the whole work community the issues and themes brought up by Emooter. “As we were using Emooter, we started to have more conversations about work engagement and wellbeing during coffee breaks, and the subjects became a part of our regular workdays”, Häkämies describes. The view of Emooter’s experts is, in fact, that the most effective way to improve wellbeing at work is to combine everyday actions with long-term wellbeing leadership on all levels of the organization.

Every employee can personally experience positive engagement with their work and they can also influence this by crafting their job. On the other hand, team members can support each other better than before if their knowledge and understanding of wellbeing is increased. Leading the wellbeing of the organization can have a positive impact on teams, if you support them when they need it and offer enough autonomy for them to influence their jobs and ways of working. Emooter supports wellbeing leadership and wellbeing development on all these levels.

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