Emooter helps Kumppania's employees track and improve their wellbeing at work

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Kumppania is a Finnish communications agency specializing in social, healthcare, and wellness industries. Since Kumppania was founded in 2008, they have offered services for improving communication, content creation, and customer experience development to name a few.

Communications Agency Kumppania has been using Emooter since the early Autumn of 2019 when Emooter was officially launched. Kumppania is one of the first customers of Emooter. We had a discussion how Emooter has helped Kumppania's employees, how they are using Emooter and what are the benefits of using Emooter.

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Our  goal at Emooter is to help employees themselves  and work communities (team, company, organization) in tracking and improving mental wellbeing (work engagement, anxiety and resilience)  proactively before any issues arise at work. Employees can follow-up weekly their own mental wellbeing state and they are provided with suggestions and exercises targeted to their mental state. Team, organization or the work community sees in real-time how they are doing and can support each other if there is a downward trend. Also the positive trend is visible, which will increase the mental resources of employees. 

Kumppania's personnel have been tracking and improving their wellbeing at work using Emooter's AI-powered suggestions and exercises. Emooter personalizes the job crafting suggestions and exercises, which has been welcomed positively by the employees. 

The biggest benefit to Kumppania of using Emooter has been the real-time visibility of each employee's own and the whole team's status and development of mental wellbeing. This empowers employees  to take responsibility for their own mental wellbeing, but also to support each other in achieving the individual work wellbeing targets. 

Tracking and improving wellbeing at work is always important, but it has been of utmost importance during the COVID-19 crisis in the Spring 2020. Employees in Kumppania discuss continuously about wellbeing at work, it's targets and measures to develop wellbeing on both individual and organisational level. Emooter supports these discussions and collaboration by providing the team with real-time feedback and data. 

Kumppania is a professionally passionate communication agency 

Communication agency Kumppania is specialised in social, healthcare, and wellness industries. Kumppania improves and challenges their customers' communication, culture and reputation all the way through from strategic planning to everyday messages in different communication channels. Kumppania combines employees' communities' and customers' joint capabilities and vision into their work. Kumppania's vision is to be the international visionary frontrunner in their domain. 

Kumppania is a challenging, supportive, and going forward community, which will light the professional passion of the employees. There is a low hierarchy and unlimited possibilities to develop yourself in Kumppania. Hence, Kumppania offers lots of responsibilities and independence balanced by trust and flexibility. Kumppania wants to create work one dreams of and in where everyone has the license to shine.  

Kumppania is a value-led impact company

Kumppania's values are joy, reason, volition and trust. Trust lays down the foundation of the values. One cannot have a flexible work culture without the trust. Kumppania has trust in their employees. This builds mutual trust, which is also positively visible outside the company. 

Volition is characterized by commitment to customers and helping them with their needs. In addition, it enables them to work with their passions. In Kumppania work is organized and customer projects are linked to employees by taking into consideration employees' own preferences and their professional passion. 

Reasoning, using the common sense, is allowed in Kumppania but also the basis for agile work culture. Usually work is done by decentralized teams. Employees are encouraged to craft their jobs to make their work more meaningful.

Joy is the most important resource in Kumppania and the team works hard every day to cherish the joy in their work and relationships. Joy and laughter are one the cornerstones of the work wellbeing targets set together in Kumppania. 

How did you start using Emooter and what are the benefits of using it? 

Emooter is often used to complement the traditional annual employee satisfaction or wellbeing, or similar once or twice a year conducted surveys. Kumppania offers a wide range of benefits and wellbeing services to the employees to support them reaching their wellbeing goals. Emooter is one of these services employees can use to lead themselves. 

"We decided to go with Emooter, because we wanted to have an agile and automated service to measure the wellbeing at our workplace. We especially wanted to measure work engagement since it is a reliable methodology to understand the mental wellbeing and motivation of our employees", the communications and wellbeing expert of Kumppania Nina Leppäniemi comments.

Tracking work engagement using Emooter lets Kumppania to have automatically a real-time view and report of the vigor, dedication, and absorption the employees are experiencing. This enables the development of preventive measures to support the wellbeing at work. 

Using Emooter has allowed all our employees to have continuously a view of the wellbeing in our work community but also their own mental state. This has helped us tremendously in wellbeing management in our workplace. “We believe that the available data increases the understanding of our wellbeing drivers in the long-term”, continuous Leppäniemi.

What have you learned in Kumppania after using Emooter? 

Emooter is not, nor it only wants to be, just one more survey tool for employee work engagement, wellbeing and satisfaction. Emooter uses surveys to help the employee herself to reflect how she is doing mentally and how does she recover from e.g. stress. Survey questions and her answers are used also for job crafting. Emooter provides the employees with AI-powered job crafting nudges, suggestions, exercises and practical ideas for everyday changes. Each employee gets personalized suggestions and exercises, which are all based on international scientific research. 

Kumppania sees the Emooter job crafting challenges and exercises as opportunities for each employee to take preventive actions in their normal work life. “We believe that answering the weekly survey questions and job crafting and learning challenges will increase the self-understanding in our work community. Everyone has the keys to improve their mental wellbeing and increase work engagement”, states Leppäniemi her view on modern work wellbeing management.

Emooter integrates to Kumppania's work life 

When you integrate Emooter and alike services seamlessly  into the normal work life of the community you will gain the biggest benefits. “We use the measurement and reports to track and develop the wellbeing in our workplace. We answer the automated survey questionnaires independently and follow-up and discuss the results regularly in our community.”, comments the CEO Leena Roskala.

Emooter complements wellbeing monitoring in Kumppania. Emooter is really easy to use and it takes only a few minutes to have the weekly check-ups by answering the questions. Kumppania also has an annual in-depth survey for the work wellbeing and other pulse surveys when needed. “Based on our experience, Emooter suits perfectly any work community interested in the state and development of their mental wellbeing at work”, notes Roskala at the end of our discussion.

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