High work engagement leads to 25% higher productivity

November 12, 2018

Employers and teams alike should focus on wellbeing at work. A recent study shows a 25% positive impact on productivity for bank employees with high Work Engagement, a positive and fulfilling work-related state of mind. The benefits also include increased resilience to changes and techno overload. 

Main takeaways of the study

  • Employees who were experiencing high work engagement were as much as 25 % more productive that the exhausted employees.

  • Employees experiencing high work engagement had more positive attitude towards (technological) changes.

  • The study emphasizes the importance of an interactive and open and collaborative leadership culture.

  • To ensure high levels of well-being and productivity, it is essential to ensure that the employees are provided with adequate opportunities to develop their skills when digitalization shapes the ways of working.

Work engagement has positive implications for both the employee and employer

Work engagement is defined as a positive, fulfilling, work-related state of mind that is characterized by vigor, dedication, and absorption. People who experience high work engagement have high levels of energy and mental resilience while working, they are willing to invest effort in their work, and they persist even in the face of difficulties. They also feel strongly involved in their work and experience a sense of significance, enthusiasm, inspiration, pride, and challenge. More often than others, people with high level of work engagement are able to be fully concentrated and happily engrossed in their own work.

The relationship between Work Engagement and productivity was examined in a study conducted in Finland with Nordea, the leading bank in the Nordics. The study states that employees experiencing high work engagement can be as much as 25 % more productive compared to the exhausted peers.

Work engagement helps in dealing with changes

In addition to productivity, second focus area of the study was to analyse employees’ views towards technological or bank system changes. Employees with high work engagement were more open towards changes and also more resilient at the time of changes. They were also faster to learn and adapt to the new systems.

High level of work engagement creates resilient environment for changes. This was confirmed in another study done conducted recently in Finland. If there is trust and collaboration in the organisation this will lead to higher work engagement and well-being of the employees.

There are many positive sides in addition to the higher productivity for employees experiencing high work engagement. Do you know the level of work engagement of yourself and your team? And how would you wish to improve your well-being and work engagement?

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